• Rehearsal Schedule TBA - will be announced soon!

Concert Sunday December 8 at 4pm. Call time - 3 pm

VENUE for all services: Bethel Congregational Church 536 N Euclid Ave Ontario CA 91762


We use the Watkins Shaw Edition of Messiah - published by Novello.

If you wish to purchase a copy - here is a link to Amazon's listing (at last viewing it was $9.99)

Here is the listing from Sheet Music Plus. On May 2, 2022, it was listed at $9.99  

If you wish, you may use our pdf files of chorus music. Note - the file is the 2021 version. (Some returning members  have the 2019 version. The only difference is that the previous year versions have  rehearsal and performance dates for that year - so be sure to make note of this year's dates!) 

Visit the SSOC Members only for PDFs and for audio practice files  - CLICK



We will be performing the following choruses:

#4. And the Glory

#7. And He Shall Purify

#9. And Thou That Tellest

#12. For Unto Us

#17. Glory to God

#21. His Yoke is Easy;

#22 Behold the Lamb of God

#44. Hallelujah

#53 Worthy is the Lamb (with the Amen)





Rehearsal Aid Video Playlist from Chordperfect. This YouTube Playlist contains rehearsal aid video for all the choruses in Messiah (including the ones we are NOT including in this concert, but which may be useful in the future, or for your personal use. At a late time these videos may be embedded in another section of our website for convenience - but for now - just go to the playlist link on YouTube and find the one you want from the list!  

MORE Rehearsal Aids:

We Highly Recommend this site to get complete recordings of your voice parts, with a real singer. They also include tracks with just your notes being emphasized (played by an instrument), as well as recorded full performance tracks. In addition, they have sheet music with just your part and you can follow along...

There is a streaming/download option which is very reasonably priced - or you can get actual CDs and sheet music sets.

We have arranged for a 20% discount for our chorus members

The 20% discount code is:    SSO 

Get complete info about the whole line of ChoraLine resources on our choraline-messiah-info page (CLICK HERE to go there directly.)


Provided below are choraline video rehearsal demos with real singers (from YouTube) of the first 5 choruses for each part, as offered by Choraline. Included are

#4, And the Glory

#7. And He Shall Purify

#9, And Thou That Tellest

#12, For Unto Us

#17 Glory to God

In addition, we will be singing # 21(His Yoke is Easy); #22 (Behold the Lamb of God); #44 (Hallelujah); and #53 (Worthy is the Lamb with Amen).















Complete performance - Sir Colin Davis - A great performance to use as a model. Our tempos are very close to these!


Here are some time links for the above video

Part I:

3:44 - Overture

7:36 - Comfort Ye My People

10:40 - Ev'ry Valley Shall Be Exalted

14:14 - And The Glory Of The Lord Shall Be Revealed

17:02 - Thus Saith The Lord Of Hosts

18:33 - But Who May Abide The Day of His Coming

22:51 - And He Shall Purify

25:13 - Behold, A Virgin Shall Conceive

25:38 - O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings To Zion

31:20 - For Behold, Darkness Shall Cover The Earth

36:56 - For Unto Us A Child Is Born

41:04 - Pastoral Symphony

44:15 - There Were Shepherds Abiding In The Field

45:51 - Glory To God In The Highest

47:52 - Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter Of Zion

52:30 - Then Shall The Eyes Of The Blind Be Open'd

53:00 - He Shall Feed His Flock/Come unto Me

58:00 - His Yoke Is Easy, His Burden Is Light

Part II:

1:01:36 - Behold The Lamb Of God

1:05:05 - He Was Despised

1:15:05 - Surely He Hath Born Our Griefs

1:17:30 - And With His Stripes We Are Healed

1:20:03 - All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray

1:24:10 - All They That See Him

1:25:00 - He Trusted In God

1:27:27 - Thy Rebuke Hath Broken His Heart

1:29:55 - Behold, And See If There Be Any Sorrow

1:31:23 - He Was Cut Off Out Of By The Land Of The Living

1:31:44 - But Thou Didst Not Leave His Soul

1:34:15 - Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates

1:37:34 - Unto Which Of The Angels

1:37:49 - Let All The Angels Of God Worship Him

1:39:15 - Thou Art Gone Up On High

1:42:38 - The Lord Gave The Word

1:43:48 - How Beautiful Are The Feet

1:46:14 - Their Sound Is Gone Out

1:47:50 - Why Do The Nations So Furiously Rage

1:50:33 - Let Us Break Their Bonds Asunder

1:52:17 - He That Dwelleth In Heaven

1:52:33 - Thou Shalt Break Them

1:54:39 - Hallelujah Part III:

2:02:20 - I Know That My Redeemer Liveth

2:08:12 - Since By Man Came Death

2:10:33 - Behold, I Tell You A Mystery

2:11:12 - The Trumpet Shall Sound

2:20:07 - Then Shall Be Brought To Pass

2:20:25 - O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

2:21:34 - But Thanks Be To God

2:23:42 - If God Be For Us

2:28:33 - Worthy Is The Lamb That Was Slain

2:32:09 - Amen