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NOTE - No Tickets are mailed - you will be able to pick up your ticket at the door - or simply print and bring your receipt!

Premium tix include preferred seating and special treats for you, as well as 6 door prize tickets!

General admission tix include 6 door prize tickets

You may also purchase "Gift for Whoever Needs" tix (general admission). These will be available at the door for the folks who need them.8

Door Prize tickets may also be purchased at the concert for $1 each, 6 for $5 or 12 for $10.

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"MESSIAH" - Sunday, December 12, 2021 at 4pm

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SEASON TICKETS - Premium VIP Tix for all remaining Southland Symphony concerts! (4 concerts - Messiah; Dream Concert in January; Ruslan in March; Beethoven 9 in June) $80 value for $65

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ChoraLine - Messiah Rehearsal Aids - OUR DISCOUNT INFO


I am pleased to confirm we have set up an ongoing 20% discount for Southland Symphony Orchestra for digital purchases made on the ChoraLine website which also upload into the ‘Purchased Music’ section in the ChoraLine App. 


20% Discount for Southland Symphony Orchestra 

  • If you order ‘EasyPlay’ via the ChoraLine website you will receive an email with a blue link to click and use on your PC/Laptop and the rehearsal recording will also upload into the ‘Purchased Music’ section in the App to use on your Tablet/Phone. 


The 20% discount code is:    SSO 

                STEP 1 

                Visit the ChoraLine website to select the rehearsal recording you require. 

                STEP 2 

                Click in the circle by your voice part (eg. Alto) & then click in the circle by ‘EasyPlay’ 

                STEP 3 

                Click  ‘Add to Basket’ 

                STEP 4 

                On the Shopping Basket Page type   SSO   in the discount code box and click the green arrow to activate the code. 

                STEP 5 

                Complete the transaction and use your rehearsal recording on all your devices: 


                Phone & Tablet & iPad: The recording will upload into the ‘Purchased Music’ section in the App

                PC & Laptop: You will receive an email with a blue link to click to use EasyPlay.  Please click here for tips 




The ChoraLine App 

We recommend the App as the best way to use ChoraLine when rehearsing at home.  Please click the link below for a ‘step by step’ guide on installing the App and watch a video showing how to use all the new features in the App: 

ChoraLine CDs 

Are sold by Presto Music

Choral Clinic – Singing Tutorials for SATB Choral Singers (also available on the App) 

Theses tutorials were recorded during ‘lockdown’ by two highly experienced choral singing teachers.  There are four levels (Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced) for every voice part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass).  Please click the link below for further details and to listen to a recording made by the teachers to help you choose the level right for you: 

Handel’s Messiah 

We have put together a special page on our website with tips and advice when learning to sing this wonderful piece of choral music. Please do click the link below: 

Vocal Exercises (also available on the App) 

When singing at home we advise you always warm up your voice and pleased to recommend this recording specially put together by singing teacher Deborah Miles-Johnson - please click the link below to hear a sample: 

Clothing for Singers & Musicians – designed by ChoraLine 

Please click the link below to browse our popular new range: 

Advice and Support 

Please do email if we can be of assistance and we will do our very best to help. 


Best wishes from us all at ChoraLine