Amahl and the Night Visitors -

If you have previously sung the chorus parts for "Amahl and the Night Visitors", please consider joining us for the Southland Symphony Orchestra and Chorus production . Performance is January 7th at 4pm at Bethel.

You will need to be "off book" (music memorized), as this is a staged (semi-staged, given our space) performance. You will be able to have cards with the lists of names/fruits, etc in the first shepherd's chorus (emily, emily...etc)

If you want to participate - Be SURE TO CONFIRM with Dr. MANN (EMAIL HER)

TENTATIVE/POSSIBLE Rehearsal Schedule - Not at all confirmed... We are attempting to leave most “pre-Christmas” dates clear because of possible obligations for other engagements. We may, however, be working on rehearsals for Principals earlier than the below listings. 

Tuesday Dec 26- Chorus -evening (Bethel - Parlor) 

Thursday Dec 28 - Chorus - evening (Bethel - Parlor) 

Saturday Dec 30, 2023 - Chorus -  afternoon?  onstage - may include some preliminary blocking (approx) (orchestra rehearses in the morning). 

Tuesday Jan 2, 2024 -  Chorus and available principals - Blocking - 7pm  

Wednesday Jan 3rd, 2024 - Chorus - music rehearsal onstage with piano (while attempting to follow most of the blocking) 

Thursday Jan 4th - Principals - onstage with blocking (with piano?) (may add the dancers to this rehearsal) 

Friday Jan 5, 2024 -  7pm (this is a full cast rehearsal with orchestra. Chorus may be working in "chapel" to review their part during the first 30 minutes of this rehearsal. 

Saturday Jan 6, 2024 -  (Dress Rehearsal) Time TBD - last year we decided on afternoon. 

Sunday Jan 7, 2024 - performance  4pm

Below is a file list of PDF files so that you can download the chorus sections and begin practicing.

Below is a list of mp3 files of the chorus sections (from a performance - these clips do contain some of the music immediately before and after each segment)

Check out the Video resources below for resources or each part! - Many thanks to LizBeth for sending these!

Shepherds' Chorus


Soprano Part


Alto Part


Tenor Part


Bass Part