Jesu Meine Freude - the Bach Project Concert - Summer 2022

This page offers multiple resources for those joining the Summer 2022 Bach Project - check back often as we add great material!

Rehearsal/Performance Schedule: Our concert is planned for Saturday August 13, 2022 at 11am.

VENUE: Bethel Congregational Church UCC 536 N Euclid St Ontario CA 91762

 "Note Parties". Sunday July  26 and Tuesday July 5. Both at 5:30 - 7:30pm - in the parlor (rear entrance). Work on German pronunciation, and a basic familiarity with the work as a whole. .

REHEARSAL DATES: "Set" rehearsals will include  Monday August 8, Tuesday August 9, and Dress Rehearsal on Friday August 12. All at 7:30pm. (Friday and possibly at least part of Tuesday, in the Sanctuary. Part of the Sanctuary time will involve determining our best, distanced set-up ..).  

Additional "early" rehearsal date: Wednesday, August 3 (7:30pm). “Extra” early rehearsal is  for those who will miss any of the “set” rehearsals, or who just want to be better prepared.This rehearsal will especially focus on movements 5 and 6, so please spend time working on those movements. (I am hoping to also work on mvt 7). Other movements may be touched upon, of course

PROGRAM ADS AVAILABLE! A limited number of "program ads" will be available at a reasonable cost - this will help us meet the costs of the event. We are also hoping to some raise funds for Bethel's capital campaign. CLICK HERE for info on rates, submitting art, etc.


VITAL - Due to the current extremely high transmission rates of variants, we will be observing the following COVID protocols: 

  • All performers must be vaccinated 
  • All performers are to test prior to rehearsals/performance. (We have a limited number of tests available, so please make every attempt to get your own tests) You may email or text your test result to Dr. Mann, or bring it to rehearsal. Best email is Cell phone 626-393-5507. 
  • All performers wear facemasks (Excepting those with medical reasons) for rehearsals and performance.
  • We (Bethel, SSO & SSO Chorus staff) are very experienced at Bethel with setting up ventilation, directing some air currents out, etc.  We have actually not had any verified cases arise from any of our events. 
  • County (We are in San Bernardino County) and City of Ontario protocols are that for audience, facemasks are optional if fully vaccinated and tested, but we will be very strongly encouraging facemasks, and will be providing masks for those who do not have their own. 
  • “Social Distancing” required. (Concert goers may sit in “pods”). 
  • Reminder – it will be warm, and Bethel does NOT have air-conditioning in the Sanctuary (hence the morning time for the concert).

PDF Score (CPDL)

CPDL score - Jesu, meine Freude - BWV 227 

Complete Performance Examples

Bach - Motet Jesu, meine Freude BWV 227 - Prégardien | Netherlands Bach Society

J.S. Bach: Motet BWV 227 "Jesu, meine Freude" | Vox Luminis, Lionel Meunier, live *4K* concert video


Bachwoche Stuttgart 2014 - Werkstattkonzert III -

›Jesu, meine Freude‹

Historically Informed Performance with instruments "colla parte", from



J.S. Bach: Motette BWV 227 «Jesu, meine Freude»

Another "Historically Informed Performance"  with instruments "colla parte". This one uses winds as well as strings.

The performance is from Bach-Kantorei's "Live-Mitschnitt (Ausschnitt) aus Konzert am 13. Mai 2012". Leitung: Wilfried Schnetzler

The instrumental ensemble is the ENSEMBLE LA FONTAINE ( The musicians of the Ensemble la fontaine are all specialists in historical performance practice from all over Switzerland and other European countries.


Check below for videos/tutorials to help you learn!

BWV 227 - BASSO Jesu, meine Freude - Johann Sebastian Bach - Scrolling score

BWV227 Jesu, meine Freude (Bass)

BWV 227 Jesu meine Freude Einstudierung Bass

(Slow tempo) BWV227 Jesu, meine Freude (Alto)

BWV 227 - ALTO Jesu, meine Freude - bwv 227 - J.S. Bach - scrolling score

Jesu Meine Freude Alto (Vídeo didáctico)

BWV 227 - soprano 1 - Jesu, meine Freude -J.S. Bach - #damusitex - scrolling score

BWV227 Jesu, meine Freude (Soprano1) Slow tempo

Jesu Meine Freude Soprano 1 (Vídeo didáctico)

BWV227 Jesu, meine Freude (Soprano2) Slow Tempo

BWV 227 - Sop 2 Jesu, meine Freude - J. S. Bach -#damusitex - scrolling score

BWV227 Jesu, meine Freude (Tenor)

BWV 227 TENOR Jesu, meine Freude - Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750 - tutorial - scrolling score

Jesu Meine Freude - Tenor (Vídeo didáctico)

Only the Tenor part played. 
This link has the different sections accessible individually by selecting link in the descriptions below the video (when viewing on YouTube)

Pronunciation Guides

The video below is both a teaching and pronunciation guide. The host addresses both pronunciation and learning the music of the FIRST movement only. He goes through each part - can be very helpful.



Here is another pronunciation Video - this one goes through the entire work...



Below is a button which will take you to webpage  - it is a written guide - a chart for spoken German for Radio Announcers. (not IPA)


LINK to Text and Translation :

English Translation by Francis Browne (March 2008)

Here it is in an interlinear format:

Jesu, meine Freude, 
Jesus, my joy, 
Meines Herzens Weide, 
My heart's delight 
Jesu, meine Zier, 
Jesus, my treasure 
Ach wie lang, ach lange 
Ah how long,ah how long 
Ist dem Herzen bange 
must my heart be anxious 
Und verlangt nach dir! 
And full of longing for you! 
Gottes Lamm, mein Bräutigam, 
Lamb of God, my bridegroom 
Außer dir soll mir auf Erden, 
Besides you there is in on earth 
Nichts sonst Liebers werden. 
Nothing else that is dearer to me. 


Es ist nun nichts Verdammliches an denen, die in Christo Jesu sind, die nicht nach dem Fleische wandeln, sondern nach dem Geist.   Romans 8:1 
There is now no condemnation in them who are in Christ and who walk not according to the flesh but according to the spirit. 


Unter deinem Schirmen 
Beneath your protection 
Bin ich vor den Stürmen 
I am free from the raging 
Aller Feinde frei 
Of all enemies. 
Laß den Satan wittern, 
Let the devil sniff around, 
Laß den Feind erbittern, 
let my enemy become incensed 
Mir steht Jesus bei. 
Jesus stands by me . 
Ob es itzt gleich kracht und blitzt, 
Even though thunder crashes and lightning blazes, 
Ob gleich Sünd und Hölle schrecken: 
Even though sin and hell terrify 
Jesus will mich decken. 
Jesus will protect me. 

Denn das Gesetz des Geistes, der da lebendig macht in Christo Jesu, hat mich frei gemacht von dem Gesetz der Sünde und des Todes.   Romans 8:2 
For the law of the spirit, which makes me living in Christ Jesus, has made me free from the law of sin and death. 

Trotz dem alten Drachen, 
I defy the ancient dragon 
Trotz des Todes Rachen, 
I defy the jaws of death, 
Trotz der Furcht darzu 
I defy the fear they cause. 
Tobe, Welt, und springe, 
Rage, World, and leap upon me. 
Ich steh hier und singe 
I stand here and sing 
In gar sichrer Ruh. 
In the calm of certainty. 
Gottes Macht hält mich in acht; 
God's power takes care of me; 
Erd und Abgrund muss verstummen, 
earth and hell's abyss must fall silent, 
Ob sie noch so brummen. 
however much they roar. 

Ihr aber seid nicht fleischlich, sondern geistlich, so anders Gottes Geist in euch wohnet. Wer aber Christi Geist nicht hat, der ist nicht sein. Romans 8:9 
But you are not of the flesh, but of the spirit, and so God's spirit dwells in you in a different way.But whoever does noy have Christ's spirit is not his. 


Weg mit allen Schätzen! 
Away with all treasures! 
Du bist mein Ergötzen, 
You are my delight, 
Jesu, meine Lust ! 
Jesus, my desire! 
Weg ihr eitlen Ehren, 
Away with all vain honours, 
Ich mag euch nicht hören, 
I don't want to hear of you, 
Bleibt mir unbewusst! 
Remain unknown to me! 
Elend, Not, Kreuz, Schmach und Tod 
Suffering, distress, the cross, shame and death, 
Soll mich, ob ich viel muss leiden, 
however much I have to suffer, 
Nicht von Jesu scheiden. 
Will never separate me from Jesus. 

So aber Christus in euch ist, so ist der Leib zwar tot um der Sünde willen; der Geist aber ist das Leben um der Gerechtigkeit willen. Romans 8:10 
If Christ is in you,then the body is dead because of sin,but the spirit is life because of righteousness. 

Gute Nacht, o Wesen, 
Good night,o [earthly] existence, 
Das die Welt erlesen, 
what the world has to offer 
Mir gefällst du nicht. 
Does not please me at all. 
Gute Nacht, ihr Sünden, 
Good night, you sins 
Bleibet weit dahinten, 
Stay far away from here, 
Kommt nicht mehr ans Licht! 
Come no more to the light! 
Gute Nacht, du Stolz und Pracht! 
Good night,arrogance and splendour. 
Dir sei ganz, du Lasterleben, 
To everything about you, sinful existence, 
Gute Nacht gegeben. 
I bid goodnight. 

So nun der Geist des, der Jesum von den Toten auferwecket hat, in euch wohnet, so wird auch derselbige, der Christum von den Toten auferwecket hat, eure sterbliche Leiber lebendig machen um des willen, dass sein Geist in euch wohnet. Romans 8:11 
Now the spirit that has raised Jesus from the dead, dwells in you.The very same spirit that has raised Jesus from the dead,gives life to your mortal bodies, so that his spirit may dwell in you. 


Weicht, ihr Trauergeister, 
Vanish, spirits of gloom, 
Denn mein Freudenmeister, 
for my joyful master, 
Jesus, tritt herein. 
Jesus, enters in. 
Denen, die Gott lieben, 
For those who love God 
Muss auch ihr Betrüben 
even their grief 
Lauter Zucker sein. 
Must become pure delight. 
Duld ich schon hier Spott und Hohn, 
Here I may have scorn and derision, 
Dennoch bleibst du auch im Leide, 
but even in the midst of suffering you remain, 
Jesu, meine Freude. 
Jesus, my joy.