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Coming Events


MESSIAH (Sunday December 12 at 4pm at Bethel Congregational Church, 536 N Euclid Ave Ontario CA 91762)

Note - we do not mail tickets, except by special request.

All your tickets will be at the door, waiting for you!

(Just be sure to enter the name of the person picking them up!)


Premium tix include preferred seating and special treats for you, as well as 6 door prize tickets!

General admission tix include 6 door prize tickets

You may also purchase "Gift for Whoever Needs" tix (general admission). These will be available at the door for the folks who need them.8

Door Prize tickets may also be purchased at the concert for $1 each, 6 for $5 or 12 for $10.

Select your tickets and purchase below:


MESSIAH Ticket Types
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SEASON TICKETS - Premium VIP Tix for all remaining Southland Symphony concerts! (4 concerts - Messiah; Dream Concert in January; Ruslan in March; Beethoven 9 in June) $80 value for $65

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