The Southland Symphony and Chorus needs your help to raise funds in order to complete our season!


The SSO Chorus 2021-22 goal is to raise $6000 in order to help pay for the expenses of producing our Season concerts - MESSIAH on December12th, 2021 at 4pm and BEETHOVEN 9 on June 5, 2022


In the past, we have not charged dues. This is because we ask you to help us raise funds to cover expenses, and to bring your own copy of the music (though we do provide PDF files and/or print copies for you).


Our main expenses are for our rehearsal accompanist, and of course to help offset the orchestra costs. (Some orchestra members are volunteers, some are pros). This season we will incur substantial venue costs for the Beethoven 9 concert. We also incur expenses in printing posters, tickets, paid advertisements and event listing services, website hosting, yada yada....


While we do consider charging "dues" each season, we have not yet instituted that requirement. If we do charge dues, we might be able to build our library, and have a reliable budget for our accompanist expenses. We will discuss this a bit as we begin rehearsals. On the other hand, we want people to be able to participate without "dues" being a problem for them. So - we hope that we can all work together to raise the funds necessary to operate each season!


To donate directly, send a check to Southland Symphony, 536 N Euclid Ave, Ontario CA 91762, or use our Paypal link


Here is a Fundraising Letter, which you can use to help us. Download, print, and send or share with friends, families, colleagues, even share it with businesses and professionals!

If you wish to customize it and make it more personal, that is great!

Let's do this together - if each us reaches even just a few people, we will reach and perhaps even surpass our goal!




CLICK HERE to download a pdf, print and share.


(The 1st page is great to use as a basic letter, pages 2 & 3 have more details for folks who want the info)


Help us raise funds to fulfill our mission!