SSO Chorus



The Southland Symphony and Chorus needs your help to raise funds in order to complete our season!


The immediate goal is to raise $4000 in order to pay for the expenses of our upcoming concert on March 31. We hope to surpass that, so that our summer concerts will also be funded.


To donate directly, send a check to Southland Symphony, 536 N Euclid Ave, Ontario CA 91762, or use our Paypal link


Here is a Fundraising Letter, which you can use to help us. Download, print, and send or share with friends, families, colleagues, even share it with businesses and professionals! 


If you wish to customize it and make it more personal, that is great!


Let's do this together - if each us reaches even just a few people, we will reach and perhaps even surpass our goal!




CLICK HERE to download a pdf, print and share.


(The 1st page is great to use as a basic letter, pages 2 & 3 have more details for folks who want the info)


Help us raise funds to fulfill our mission!